About KC Business Brokers, LLC

polly-a-johnsonPolly Johnson, owner and Broker of KC Business Brokers has SOLD over 132 businesses valued at $4.8Million and under. She works diligent representing business owner’s through the complex process of a business owner’s sale. Her  extensive experience with KCBB lies in business transactions and consulting. She holds the certification: CBC (Certified Business Consultant), is a member of the Kansas City Chapter, KCBBA (Kansas City Business Broker’s Association)  has sold business in multiple industries including:  Healthcare, Metal Manufacturing, Environmental, Health & Safety, Compliance software, Communications, Metal fabrication, Injection Molding, Packing, Shipping, Transportation and Storage, Software, Durable goods, Agriculture, and over 75  various service businesses.   Polly became an entrepreneur at age 16 investing in her multi-family real estate portfolio. That soon evolved into multiple business interest, larger acquisitions and eventually working for an Investment Banker in Kansas City.

Selling a business can be a once in a lifetime event for many owners. This can have a substantial impact on retirement funds and capital for future investments. KCBB works with each and every owner diligently to determine an exit strategy that fits their request. As a veteran in the broker industry, KCBB’s  professional network includes a wide range of specialists in the Kansas City area who have proven invaluable to her  business clients.

KCBB is known in the industry for her unique ability to understand the business owner’s true objectives, obtain the right buyer that fits the seller’s criteria, and drive the value for the business sale.

                    KCBB has a long-term success  in the the  Business Broker industry and would like to represent you Selling Your Business!

Feel free to reach out anytime for a confidential consultation answering your questions, Thank you.


PHONE: 816-616-6160     polly.kcbb@gmail.com   4901 W,136th St Leawood, Ks

Maggie Olson

Project Coordinator

Maggie oversees all operations of KC Business Brokers, including Broker scheduling, correspondence with sellers, buyers, lenders, all advisors on a daily basis.  Outside of work Maggie enjoys reading about business. music, her friends, all sports & family.