When writing a review where do you start, in my case it was simple. Once I had previewed reviews about several business brokers, one in particular kept jumping to the top of the list, KC Business Brokers. 

I immediately had a positive feeling; it was obvious of her knowledge and confidence which is what you want when you’re deciding to sell your life’s work. She understands the importance of this decision, she explains how the process works and lets you know her team will be there to guide you through it from start to finish. From the initial phase you have no reason for concern as to who she’s working for, she watches your interest at all times, so you don’t rush to any quick decisions.

I can’t say enough about her ability to do her job! To my surprise she helped me sell my business in a very short time period and I’m now enjoying the rewards of her hard work.

Polly is amazing, hire her!

James J. Spair

There are very few times that I go to the extent of posting review or referring an individual. However, based upon my most recent experience with Polly Johnson, the Owner of KC Business Brokers, I feel it’s important to share my positive experience with this organization.

From the time I met her project manager at KCBB, to the time I closed on the sale of the business, I always felt that my best interests were top of mind.

Polly’s wealth of experience resulted in finding a qualified buyer within a couple of months. 

There were a couple occasions when I was in question about buyer financing, transition structure, and then our buyer decided to acquire the real estate portion. She assured me on every step of the process and was able to also handle the last-minute tasks from the buyers lender.

I would highly recommend KC Business Brokers to any business owners interested in maximizing the sale of their business.

Gregg Davidson

KC Business Brokers earlier this year Sold our multilocation manufacturing business. We were surprised how quickly they brought buyers to us, 3 months.

Mrs. Johnson even helped negotiate a better deal than we would have on our own.

KC Business Brokers closed our deal in only 5 months. She said to get ready for retirement when we signed with her and she meant it!

We would absolutely recommend KC Business Brokers if you’re thinking of selling your business!

Richard T. Stephens

It was terrific working with Polly in the sale of our business. She pulled together  financial information on my business and had formulas and worksheets available for us to establish a strong market value in Kansas City.  She looked at the operations  and recommended  we change one of our internal systems to add a 21% higher value at closing. She vetted all potential buyers only having us meet with 3 over all, which I appreciated still being very busy running my business.

She did an excellent job keeping in touch with me on any leads, and their status.

I found Polly to be a very  knowledgeable in the industry of Brokering several deals at one time.  I would highly recommend her to any business owner looking for a broker with integrity & a great track record for closing deals.

Pat Stevens, B&N Distribution

Polly Johnson, Owner of KC Business Brokers is a true professional in every sense of the word. After engaging her to sell our business she wasted no time in finding us a qualified buyer. She continuously guided and kept the buyer on track finding them financing, and advisors they needed. She was conscientious of my valued time and called to discuss or set meetings only when necessary to allow us to run operations. She truly understands a Seller’s objective and works diligently to obtain them.

It was my pleasure working with Polly during those six months. I would without a doubt refer her to any business owner, considering selling their business!

Jim Pratt, President Ambassador Slate & Tile


I met Polly at KC Business Brokers, through another business owner.  She sold their business and they were extremely happy with the process and services provided! My first phone call to her couldn’t have been more pleasant. She guided me through the entire process, no glitches, it was terrific! 5 years later when I decided to relocate I did not hesitate to call her to represent me again.  The transaction went very smooth and painless due to Polly’s experience, and diligence. She goes the extra mile and makes sure both parties are getting what they need when it was needed. That dedication and experience is the reason you should look no further for KC Business Brokers to sell your business!

Shannon Dewey, Former Owner, Mail It Inc.

After hiring KC Business Brokers to sell our business they wasted no time in finding us a qualified buyer.  They were  conscientious of my valued time and called to discuss or set meetings only when necessary to allow us to run operations.  We would without a doubt refer her to any business owner, considering selling their business!

Now that the dust has settled from the sale of our business, I want to thank you for your dedication to helping us into retirement. You are professional and get things “done”.

I was impressed with how quickly you found the right buyer for us,4 months. I expected the process to take much longer.

 We were very satisfied with our selling price also and would recommend KC Business Brokers to any business owner interested in selling.

Jay Waltermire
President, Jarit Manufacturing Inc.

We are so appreciative and grateful to you for all you did in facilitating the sale of our business. You persevered from the beginning to end and were with us consistently every step of the way. We could not have done it without you and feel fortunate to have been your client.

It was our pleasure and truly thank you for all the time and effort you spent on our behalf. We would highly recommend KC Business Brokers, LLC to anyone interested in selling their business.

Dave Edwards, President, Sebring manufacturing

I was referred to Mrs. Johnson from a close friend that engaged with KCBB to sell their  service  business. We engaged with her also and were very pleased with her dedication in that she presented two qualified buyers -so we were fortunate and choose the buyer which we felt was a perfect fit for our employees.

Blake Carrington, President L&K Industries

After interviewing several Business Brokers, we hired KC Business Brokers to list and sell our  business. Polly is very selective in vetting potential and qualified buyers. After finding a good match to our business she proceeded to work with both the buyer and ourselves to bring both parties to a mutually beneficial contract. She continued to guide us through the entire process to closing. We would highly recommend KC Business Brokers to Sell Your Business.

Bill Jegen,

President, Radio Controlled Garage & Gate